Feet Reflexology

Why Choose Feet Reflexology?

Feet reflexology is widely used as a natural, holistic way to restore balance to your system through deep relaxation. Reflexologists massage and stimulate different parts of the foot, reflexes, which eases tension and stress, aids sleep and increases your feeling of well-being. With these positive effects you are more likely to be in a better frame of mind in order to tackle life’s ups and downs. With a system in balance you are more likely to enjoy natural good health.

Your feet are one of the hardest working areas of your body and spend hours trapped inside your shoes. There are 26 bones in the feet, thousands of nerve endings, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Feet reflexology provides you with the chance to enjoy a relaxation of those elements as your reflexes are massaged and stimulated. It is a really wonderful feeling to have relaxed and pampered feet.

For those times when you feel in need of some extra attention and care try the Head to Toe reflexology treatment.

A wonderful combination of the De-stress and well-being facial treatment followed by the 60 min feet treatment.

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Treatment starts with hot, moist cloths wrapped around your feet immediately encouraging you to start the process of winding down. Then follows a systematic and thorough but gentle working of all your reflexes on one foot and then the other. You will be made really comfortable and given the chance to completely unwind, enjoy soft music, be wrapped in warm throws and take the time to release all the tension from the day. This hour of time dedicated to you and your health is a valuable way of giving yourself good care. By the end of the treatment all your reflexes will have been worked and your systems given opportunity to reset and rebalance.

Are there times when I should choose Reflexology of the hands or face instead?

If you have injured or bruised your feet or ankles you might want to choose a different part of you for reflexology. If you suffer athlete’s foot or verrucas it is also advisable for me to work on your hands or feet. Sometimes it is just good to try reflexology on a different part because you will never know if you really like it on your hands or face unless you try it.

Feet Reflexology lasts 60 minutes and costs £40

Please note that if this is your first time with me you will need to allow an extra 20- 30 mins for our initial consultation and there will be an additional cost of £5

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