About June Carnell

June Carnell B’ed Hons, MAR

Reflexologist and Aura Mediator

June Carnell Reflexologist and Aura Mediator

I am a therapist, an educator and a creative person.

My background started in primary education but after a few years I fell in love with stained glass and started my own contemporary glass business. The teaching skills I had were transferred to tutoring adults in stained glass and I continue to teach one or two workshops each month.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with glass and spent over 20 years happily creating inspiring and vibrant panels, lamps, mirrors and smaller pieces.

A few years ago I felt the need to work in a different way and trained with the Devon School of Reflexology in Exeter and achieved a level 3 diploma, including anatomy and physiology.

I started Thrive Health Therapies in Sept 2015, as soon as I qualified, and couldn’t wait to get started. I added to my qualifications and skills by training in advanced facial reflexology (Bergman Technique) not long after.

In the autumn of 2017 I came across AuraTransformation™. Although I had experience of Reiki and had become a Reiki practitioner just before becoming a Reflexologist, I had never heard of this treatment. I felt drawn to find out more. In January 2018 I had my AuraTransformation™. This was such an amazing experience and process that I immediately committed to become involved. In May 2018 I trained with Johanna Saari, international aura mediator and instructor from Finland and Sarah Jennings, international aura mediator and instructor from UK and became an Aura Mediator, qualified to carry out AuraTransformations™.

I consider myself very lucky to have had such experiences and suggest that if you need some help, why not get in touch?