What can Thrive Health Therapies offer you?

Thrive Health Therapies offers holistic treatments with an emphasis on the individual. The treatments support people through their busy lives, life events, health issues and challenges.

Natural solutions to get balance back into your life so that you can move forward and do more of what you love to do.

Balance is a key aspect to enjoying natural good health. When your physical systems and energy systems are in balance you have the best chance to enjoy a sense of well-being. Both treatments at Thrive Health Therapies aim to help you with balance and each does so in their own particular way.

Thrive Health Therapies is based in Kingsteignton, South Devon and offers the complementary treatments of Reflexology and AuraTransformation™.

Thrive Health Therapies Devon


For more info on reflexology and AuraTransformation™ click on the images below

Reflexology Thrive Health Therapy
Auratransformation Thrive Health Devon