What can Thrive Health Therapies offer you?

Time to Rest, Relax, Rebalance. Time for You

Thrive Health Therapies offers various forms of reflexology to support people through their busy lives, life events, health issues and challenges.

Reflexology is a natural, holistic way to get balance back into your life so that you can move forward and do more of what you love.

Balance is a key aspect to enjoying natural good health. Optimal health and well-being is felt when your physical, emotional and energetic systems are in balance.

In our busy world it is easy to find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and not feeling our best. We all need time for self-care and Thrive’s afternoon and early evening treatments are great for those with a busy life, family commitments or working.

Thrive Health Therapies is owned by June Carnell a fully insured, qualified clinical reflexologist who is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. She offers a range of reflexology treatments in her garden based, light filled, cosy treatment space in Kingsteignton, South Devon. The perfect place to take time to boost your wellness, improve your sleep and release the stress so you can navigate life’s challenges more easily.

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