Hand Reflexology

Why choose hand reflexology?

Hand reflexology is a wonderful, natural holistic health therapy that enables deep relaxation and the chance to increase your feelings of well-being.

For those of us who work with our hands, the chance to have, someone provide us with a complementary natural health treatment and help ease our tense, aching hands at the same time, is a chance too good to miss. There is even the bonus of our hands feeling more hydrated and softened with the cleansing and luxurious cream applied.

If you have damaged your feet, have athlete’s foot or verrucas it might be more appropriate to have hand reflexology instead of treatment on your feet.

Hand Reflexology from Thrive Health Therapy Devon

Is hand reflexology just as effective as foot reflexology?

Yes, quite simply, the same reflexes are worked on your hand and feet so your health is positively impacted in the same way and the deep sense of relaxation is achieved in both treatments.

Why does a hand treatment take less time?

Your feet are larger than your hand so working reflexes like your spine and abdominal areas take longer as there is more reflex area to cover. Both treatment areas are equally effective.

Hand reflexology treatment, 40 minutes, £35

Please note that if this is your first time with me you will need to allow 20-30 mins for our initial consultation and there will be an additional cost of £5.


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