Nearly time to reopen Thrive Health Therapies!

I am literally jumping for joy at the prospect of being able to offer reflexology again soon!

When will treatments start?

In line with current government guidance Thrive Health Therapies will be opening on Tues 7th July.

How is Thrive Health Therapies getting ready?

I am busy making all the necessary changes and adaptations so that I meet all the criteria from the government and Association of Reflexologists (AOR).  I happily undertake the changes so that both of us are confident that we are best protected against the coronavirus. Changes include provision of hand sanitizer, a fresh cover to my reflexology chair for each person, thorough cleanse of possible contaminated surfaces between clients, use of risk assessment in line with prevention of spread of coronavirus. If you have any questions prior to treatment please contact me, I am happy to discuss with you how I am working to protect you from the virus.

Has everything changed?

At the heart of things Thrive Health Therapies remains committed to your well-being, comfort and offering you the best reflexology treatment possible to support your health. A warm welcome will always be available even if physical closeness is still not allowed. Each treatment will continue to focus on you and your needs. Thrive Health treatment rooms might look a little different, but you should still be just as comfortable. To begin I am only offering feet reflexology, following government guidance, but as soon as possible I intend to offer you hand and facial reflexology.

What to do if you don’t feel ready to come back just yet?

I understand that not everyone will feel it is the right time for them to have treatments yet and that is perfectly fine. Please consider your personal circumstances and how you feel about it and then make your own decision. Don’t worry, whenever you are ready, I will be delighted to hear from you. In the meantime, you could always try virtual reflexology. Virtual reflexology is a 30 minute treatment that you can enjoy from your own home with me working remotely from my treatment room. The feedback from people over the last couple of weeks that have already experienced it, has been great: deep relaxation, improved sleep, some easing of backache and relief from digestive discomfort.

What to do now?

Get in touch if you would like to book your appointment from the 7th July onwards, bookings have already started. Start dreaming of lying in my comfy chair as I work on your feet to ease you back into a relaxed state, feeling your sense of well-being lifting and confident that you are in good professional hands.

See you soon,

June xx


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Image by Pexels from Pixabay