Created: Tuesday, 12 May 2020 Written by June Carnell

What an uplifting idea!

Instead of believing we are isolated, how would it feel to swap your interpretation of this unusual time from isolating to cocooning? This idea has connotations of positive change and transformation. A little shift in perspective and you go from being restricted to having an opportunity for change. If you are cocooning you are in a perfect position to transform and create new dreams.

How and what do you want to transform?

Only you will know what you would like to change in your life, only you hold your dreams or can create your new ones.

What are your dreams, big dreams or little ones? All dreams are valid!

Would you like a healthier you, a slower lifestyle, less stress, more time with loved ones, a more sustainable lifestyle, a change of work?

In your cocoon you are safe and it is a unique time to be able to reflect and start planning your future. Visualising, making journal notes of ideas and dreaming are all great ways to kick start new ideas or add detail to those you already have.

There is no pressure to rush forward. Actually, if you are able to sit still and quiet, as if in a cocoon, you should be able to hear your own guidance on what to do going forward. It is not a race; you have the time you need.

Is Thrive Health Therapies in its cocoon?

Yes, Thrive Health Therapies is in its cocoon and some super new ideas are coming, new ways of working with you to help you connect with your wellness and personal energy so you can live the life you love.

Part of my dream is for us all to feel energized and enjoy good health and wow, what a different world we could create! Imagine each of us feeling fulfilled and enjoying sharing our talents! (Yes, you have talents, you might just not be aware of them yet!).

I might not have my therapy rooms open at the moment but I am still here for you. I have put short videos on how to use hand reflexology to ease stress and to maintain your well-being on my Thrive-Health Facebook page, I am trialling virtual reflexology and creating audio recordings to help you maintain your energy balance.

If you are feeling the desire to have a radical change in your life, upgrade your personal energy and release old emotional baggage and limitations then please read about AuraTransformation™. I can’t AuraTransform you at the moment but we can schedule a time to chat about it and you can read the book Balance on All Levels by Anni Sennov in preparation. We could even set a date for the later in the year for your AuraTransformation so you can have something to look forward to.

Thank you to the wonderful person who recently provided the cocooning phrase. It was a brilliant shift of perspective.

Sending much love and wishes that you are well and safe in your cocoon and I look forward to hearing about your dreams for the future.

June x


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Image by GLady from Pixabay