Facial Reflexology Treatments to choose from


De-Stress and Well Being Facial Reflexology


De-Stress and Well Being Facial Reflexology - £25

This wonderful 30 minute treatment is a great for when you need time to wind down and take a breather from your busy life. The 30 minutes will give you the chance to let go of stress whilst I work selected reflexes to assist your well-being.


Deluxe Facial Reflexology


Deluxe Facial Reflexology - £45

This incredible 50 minute treatment covers all essential reflexes providing a valuable way of rebalancing any imbalances in your systems whilst you experience deep relaxation and have your skin pampered with Neal’s yard oil.


Head to Toe Reflexology


Head to Toe Reflexology - £60

For a real treat book yourself a Head to Toe treatment. This is a 90 minute session. It begins with the wonderful de-stress and well being facial treatment and is followed by feet reflexology. This is great for when you feel you are in need of time to recuperate yourself whilst you receive a blissful, natural, holistic health therapy. Float away from this session feeling and looking great.


Call me to discuss what would suit you best

Please note that if this is your first time with me you will need to allow an extra 20 -30 minutes for our initial consultation and there is an additional cost of £5