AromaReflex Treatment

This treatment offers the benefits of feet reflexology combined and enhanced by the use of essential oils blended into a reflexology wax. Three essential oils are chosen specifically for you and your needs after a short discussion at the beginning of your session. Attention is given to carefully selecting the best group of essential oils to assist your well-being.

Essential oils are recognised as being able to assist with a whole host of issues including poor sleep, anxiety, digestive issues, depression, respiratory issues, aches and pains. Reflexology is a popular holistic treatment which aims to rebalance any systems that may be out of balance. Reflexology is able to relax and de-stress people, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and increases our sense of well-being. The combination of essential oils and reflexology is a super one.

AromaReflex with June Carnell

AromaReflex Session

During your AromaReflex session I will select 3 essential oils that not only smell amazing but have acknowledged benefits in any areas that you feel you would like to have help with.

The essential oils are blended into a reflexology wax that is then used during your feet reflexology treatment. As an added bonus you will be able to take home your personalised blend for daily use on your hands and feet for up to 14 days. This helps to continue the benefits of your treatment.

The session will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

If you are a new client we will need to carry out a full consultation prior to the session which adds £5 extra to the cost and takes approximately 20-30 mins extra.


AromaReflex Cost

A session of AromaReflex costs £50.


AromaReflex Testimonials

This is what my AromaReflex clients have been saying

“I was able to completely relax which is not something I am used to. ………The balm blend provided was excellent! June thoroughly explained how each essential oil would benefit me and then the consistency of the balm felt great. An overall perfect therapy by an incredible therapist, couldn’t recommend enough!” MC

“I’ve enjoyed using my blend at bedtime – the scent really relaxes me before sleep”.  LP

“June explained the process & the reasoning behind the use of each of the essential oils. This ensured that the treatment met my needs and was tailored to the issues that I had raised. The treatment was calm & relaxing and I feel that it did make an impact on my wellbeing”. BH



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GAIA AromaReflex trained by Gaia School of Natural Health