The Reflexology Connoisseur Package

Thive Health's Reflexology Connoisseur Package


Who Might Like The Connoisseur package?

If you already love reflexology but are stuck in a rut of choosing the same treatment each time or you have yet to experience reflexology then this discounted group of treatments might be just the thing for you!


What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that aims to bring balance back to your body, emotions and mind. It works on the theory that there are points, referred to as reflexes, on your hands, feet and face that correspond to organs, systems and features on your body. By working these reflexes, the body, emotions and mind regain their balance and natural flow. Reflexology is deeply relaxing allowing you to de-stress which then can help you sleep better and have more ease tackling life’s ups and down. Reflexology is your time to rest and rebalance from the demands of modern life.


What Is The Connoisseur Package?

The Connoisseur Package is your chance explore different forms of reflexology and discover what appeals to you most. Experience 6 different reflexology treatments!  

Included in your Connoisseur Package:

Feet Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Deluxe Facial Reflexology (Bergman Technique)


Hot Stone Reflexology

Head to Toe Reflexology

Each treatment has its own unique quality and should bring you the deep relaxation and enhanced sense of wellbeing that we associate with reflexology.


The Connoisseur Package Extra Bonus For You.

A discount has been applied to The Connoisseur Package, you save £20 compared to the standard prices when chosen as single treatments. As an extra bonus you will receive a £10 off voucher at the end of the Connoisseur Package that will give you a discount on a future treatment of your choice.


How Much Does The Connoisseur Package Cost?


(Standard price for treatments when chosen as single treatments - £295)

There is an extra £5 fee if you are a new client to cover the 30 min consultation session prior to your first treatment.


Is the Connoisseur Package for everyone?

There are treatments included in the package that are not recommended during pregnancy, if you have skin conditions such as dermatitis, fragile skin, heat sensitivity or you have peripheral neuropathy. A consultation is always carried out prior to your first session with me, it usually takes 30 mins and during this time we can make sure the Connoisseur Package is the best option for you. Alternatively please contact me beforehand if you have any questions.



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