Created: Friday, 19 March 2021 Written by June Carnell


What are you missing most?

Hugging people, having coffee and chatting with family and friends, putting your grandchildren to bed, singing in your choir, going sea swimming with your hardy, water loving group, sharing your thoughts at your book group, getting your hands dirty with your gardening group, doing downward dog in your yoga group, dancing like no one is looking at festivals?

Nearly all of us are missing connection in one form or another!

I have a feeling that the need for re-connection and re-establishment of community is going to be really strong over the next few years. I hope that our time away from one another has reinforced our desire to share our lives with others. I hope we come back with a desire to create more community than ever before.

I am not ready to reconnect

I understand that some people will be a little unsure of seeing people again, there has been so much fear created around socialising that it might take a bit of time and that is ok. Take your time, do it when it feels just right for you.

Music events and feeling uplifted

One of the things I miss most is going to watch my husband and son play local gigs. The night they play again is going to be so good; I get the tingles thinking of the music and the positive energy at these events. I know it won’t be just me that is getting uplifted; it will be everyone there and the band themselves. There is power in being with people and it is a double whammy when there is music involved. For those of you who sing and or are part of a choir can you feel the joy you will experience when you are singing with your group once more, it makes your heart expand doesn’t it!

Part of my wish list for post lockdown is a huge increase in music in our communities; I’d love to witness all sorts of music taking place in all sorts of venues. Can you imagine how you would feel if you could hear a samba band playing, a lone sax player, a choir knocking out rocking tunes and some sweet soul music floating out as you walked through your local area? Ohhh wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Missing the connection with my clients

I have missed working with my clients; the time without seeing them has only heightened my awareness of what special bonds we have created. There is trust between us which adds to the healing potential of the treatment. I miss seeing them walk in and catching up with how they are. At some point soon reflexologists will be able to offer their special skills again and I will happily open my therapy room doors and welcome people in.

New group, new fun, new connections

Reconnecting and creating community has been on my mind a lot lately. I sense how important it is to our well-being. I have an idea forming at the moment which will involve a small group coming together once a month to try a variety of activities. Over the years I have been incredibly lucky to have met super talented people from all walks of life doing a wide range of activities. Plans have started forming about creating a programme of events where I invite these super talented people to assist us to learn new things, have fun, get healthier, get crafty and just as importantly, spend time together remembering how wonderful it feels to be in a group. The nitty gritty on how it will all work, costs, organisation and how long the programme will run is not clear just yet but there is still some time to sort it all out. Also I am looking for someone to help co-create it with me, I would love to have someone to bounce ideas off and help to make it happen, if this is you please get in touch.

What can you do now about reconnection?

For the time being we are still not able to physically meet up and zoom and other social media programmes can only satisfy our needs so far. However, we are in the very best position to imagine all the ways we are going to reconnect and all the people and events we are going to enjoy again in the coming months. Maybe go one step further and imagine creating or joining groups you have never thought of before. New experiences and opportunities start with you thinking them first!

Start dreaming and see what you can make happen.

Much love

June xx

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