What is an Aura?

AuraTransformation from Thrive Health Devon

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. The following info on auras is intended to help inform you of the changes to personal energy structures and to show the energy structure change enabled by an AuraTransformation™

Please check out the following diagrams that show the changes that have occurred since 1987 when the Old Time Energy began to be replaced by the indigo and then crystal energies, referred to as the New Time Energies.  These new energies came through in the children being born. Often parents ask if we can work with their children as they seem to be out of sync with them and experiencing difficulties communicating but the children already have the new time energy and the parents would benefit from an AuraTransformation to ease their relationship with them.

An AuraTransformation ™ is an energy upgrade that benefits you whether you have children or not.


Old Time Aura Structure Born before 1987

In the Old Time Energy (pre 1987) the physical body was surrounded by different components of the aura including the etheric and astral bodies.

Over time the Old Time Aura can become rather battered, be missing in places and in some cases can have disappeared altogether.

With a damaged or non-existent aura, protection for your energy is lessened and you are likely to feel more sensitive and energetically drained on a daily basis.

Old Time Aura Structure Born before 1987 Thrive Health

Transition Children

From 1987 children began to be born with a mixture of the Old Time Aura and the New Time Indigo Aura structure, these children are known as transition children (1987 – 1994)

Indigo Aura Structure 1995-2004

From 1995 children were born with the New Time Indigo Aura Structure.

Indigo Aura Structure 1995-2004 Thrive Health

Transition Children

From 2004- 2009 there were a second set of transition children, this time they had a mix of indigo and crystal energies. These children would benefit from being around other Crystal Children.

Crystal Aura Structure 2009 - To The Present

As you can see in the crystal energy diagram the crystal energy is fully integrated in the aura and the body. Spiritual energy is located inside the body and is fully protected by a strong auric energetic field.

Crystal Aura Structure 2009 - To The Present Thrive Health


Some of you might be wondering where the chakras have gone. In the Old Time Aura structure there were 7 chakras. As the Indigo energy came in the 7 chakras merged in to 3 and finally with the Crystal energy the three then merged into one big heart chakra. This one heart chakra allows all that no longer serves someone to be burnt away and you can truly begin to speak from your heart, speak your truth.


For more info on aura’s and Indigo and Crystal children please read Anni Sennov’s book.

AuraTransformation from Thrive Health Devon

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