June Carnell's AuraTransformation Testimonials


I felt drawn to AuraTransformation

When I heard about AuraTransformation, I felt drawn to it. It took me a while to finally commit to making an appointment with June, as I was a little unsure. I’m so glad I did, I felt nervous and excited when my treatment began, but afterwards a sense of calm and peacefulness. A week on and I do feel that there has been a shift - it’s difficult to put my finger on exactly what, but I definitely feel more grounded and calm, and most importantly I feel more ‘me’. Perhaps the missing piece of my ‘me’ jigsaw has been returned!



I felt totally safe in June's caring hands

I'd been looking forward to my AuraTransformation since putting it in my diary nine months previous and I wasn't disappointed. I felt totally safe in June's caring hands as she took me through each stage step by step, explaining thoroughly what she was doing, and what I needed to do. She took me on a visualisation trip of a lifetime which left me feeling very emotional but June's professionalism and caring nature soon had me feeling calm again. Changes during the first week were subtle, but definite, leaving me feeling proud of myself for taking some small steps to break old habits. Thank you so much June for introducing me to AuraTransformation and for being an amazing Aura Mediator !! x



This journey that I am now free to do . . . feels absolutely right

AuraTransformation came on to my radar through a connection on Facebook, with June whom I had known as a teenager. I was feeling quite stuck in my life, my children had left home and I was single. (I had) lovely jobs though and I thought that was an achievement, happy at work but I felt a weight in my solar plexus and like I was swimming in mud. So I decided to have an AuraTransformation.

During the session I found it hard to visualise for the first 30 or so minutes,but slowly with gentle encouragement I began to 'loosen' a bit and relax into it ...so much so the 3 hours passed by very quickly! Immediately afterwards I felt a lightness of being and this lasted for a week or so, and then came my first emotional challenge - and I have cried more continuously than ever before in my life, literally leaking tears. I have felt like I have been allowing myself to grieve for past situations that I kept bundled away somewhere for many years.

Naturally gregarious, I have been more than happy to be alone to go through this process. I have felt desperately alone though too .... however, I feel as if I am 'unblocking' and expressing my reality and this I have never done before... always being told not to cry, or don't be silly, or you'll be alright - you are always are. And I know I will be.

This journey that I am now free to do, in my own time, feels absolutely right. I feel more in touch with me now than before but I do know there's still a way to go. I try to rebalance everyday, at some stage. It's about allowing yourself to be gentle with yourself and I listen to me now a lot more. It's not 100% perfect -but it's a 100% better x



I would strongly recommend AT to anyone

Since my Aura Transformation I am more confident and am able to express myself with greater clarity. I make decisions myself without reference to, and reliance on, the opinions of others. I feel calm, focused and better equipped to go forward my life. The changes and benefits of the Aura Transformation are still revealing themselves to me nearly a year on. I have no regrets and would strongly recommend AT to anyone.



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