Frequently Asked Questions about AuraTransformation™

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Included are questions I had, myself, before my AuraTransformation™as well as those I’ve been asked since. I recommend you read, research and watch videos if you are interested in this amazing treatment. However, here are a few questions to help you on your way.

What are the benefits?

Instead of slogging your way through the life issues that keep repeating for you, this treatment allows you to fast track to a point of dealing with, accepting these issues and gaining any learning you need from them quicker. If you feel drained on a daily basis this treatment will empower you to access and protect all your personal energy. You will enjoy better intuition, drive and charisma. For more details visit my Benefits of Auratransformation ™page.

Will AuraTransformation ™wear off?

No, the effects are immediate and do not wear off. Your protective new aura will replace your old, possibly battered, aura entirely. The increased intuition, drive, radiance and other benefits will be yours to keep. Your ability to manage your own energy is in place immediately and you will be shown how to continue to manage and reclaim it on a daily basis, so you are fully responsible for your life and energy.

Can anyone have Auratransformation™?

Auratransformation™ is appropriate for those born pre 1987 and who embrace change. As the treatment assists with the change from the old energy to the new energy it is not necessary for people after 1987. People born after this time may benefit from a mini AuraTransformation or a Balancing to assist them with their personal energy but they do not require a full AuraTransformation. This treatment is not appropriate for anyone dependent on anti-depressants, alcohol or drugs.

Where did AuraTransformation ™come from?

The founder of AuraTransformation™ is Anni Sennov from Denmark. For more info about Anni please visit her official site

Does my Karma really go?

Yes, your karma is released when your old aura is dissolved. There may be instances after your treatment when you might feel that it is still there but it is more likely to be things that need release or for you to work on as they are still relevant to you. In place of old karmic issues the new energy contains much faster acting cause and consequence. You will receive quicker responses to your words, thoughts and actions. This is part of the process of you fully taking responsibility for yourself and your life.

Will my family be impacted if I have an AuraTransformation™?

Generally speaking when someone has an energy upgrade those closest to them, friends and family, will be impacted, on the whole this is a positive effect. Particularly positive effects can be generated with the younger generation as the AuraTransformed person will share a similar energy and communication can improve as a result. This is a real bonus if you are having challenging times with your children and grandchildren or children. If you are a teacher this could be particularly beneficial.  Sometimes you may find certain family members or friends find your new energy with its better energy protection and boundary setting difficult to accept. These people may withdraw from your company totally or just for a while until they accept that your personal energy is not available for them to access as it was in the past.

Is AuraTransformation ™safe for me?

Auratransformation ™works only with your own energy and is carried out by a certified Aura Mediator™. Always check that you are going to be working with an official mediator. Myself and others who have had recognised training will be registered on the official international AuraTransformation website  Practitioners will have had expert training and be a safe pair of hands to take you through this amazing process.

How long does it take?

The treatment takes approximately 4 hours. The treatment is divided in to two sessions. The first takes approx. 3 hours and the second approx. 1 hour.  The sessions are scheduled a few days apart.

What is Crystallization?

When you have an AuraTransformation™  your new aura contains crystal energy. This crystal energy then begins the process of integrating into your body, which is referred to as crystallization. This process can take from 9 months to a couple of years, there is no need to rush, it will take as long as it takes, as they say.

If you have further questions please check out the official AuraTransformation™website and read the book, Balance on All Levels with the Crystal and Indigo Energies by Anni Sennov.

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